People sharing puzzle pieces

iTracs is a division of Investors Title and an affiliate of National Investors that provides trust account solutions, including account reconciliation services, reporting and monitoring solutions, positive pay options, and consulting and implementation services. Investors Title and National Investors write and support residential and commercial title insurance, and provide a range of related services to our industry partners, including 1031 like-kind exchanges, and the coordination, underwriting, and management of complex commercial transactions through sister companies.

Our Promise

Innovation and creative solutions come only with experience.  We have built a team of highly knowledgeable experts, developed top quality educational resources, and designed technological tools that streamline and facilitate residential and commercial real estate transactions. Key to our success is our deep and abiding level of expertise: our ability to provide informed and accurate underwriting, efficient transaction execution, and exceptionally responsive claims administration.

We recognize that ours is a cyclical industry, a certainty that keeps us relentlessly focused on maintaining our financial stability and profitability. Through sound underwriting practices and seasoned relationships with business partners who share our goals and values, we have stayed the course during economic downturns.

Our Philosophy

Our corporate symbol is the Canada Goose. It reminds us of the qualities we emulate as we serve our customers, agents, financial institutions, and communities. The flying “V” formation of a flock of geese is an instinctive innovation that sets it apart from other species and has allowed them to thrive in a diverse range of habitats. The “V” formation represents a team effort to optimize not only the team’s aerodynamics, but control the overall speed to achieve objectives, expand the selection of habitat solutions, and provide the stability needed for them to thrive. It is our instinctively client-centric approach to developing innovative business processes and solutions that sets us apart for our partners and clients.